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PTA Tax Calculator 2023 For Mobile Phones in Pakistan

As a developing country, Pakistan has faced many economic challenges. The government made multiple policies and programs to overcome these difficulties to improve the country’s condition.

PTA tax calculator tool helps everyone to calculate their taxes efficiently, especially when people buy a new mobile handset. The very first thing they confirm is its IMEI number with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Based on this, your handset works perfectly; otherwise, it might be disabled by PTA at any time. Therefore, this article will discuss PTA Tax Calculator 2023 for mobile phones in Pakistan.

PTA Tax Calculator 2023

PTA Tax Calculator For Mobile Phones in Pakistan

The PTA tax calculator for mobile phones is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to save money on their phone bills. With the help of this useful calculator, you can know how much they are being charged by their service provider in taxes and levies.

Moreover, this tool explains each levy on their phone bill so that customers can know exactly where their hard-earned money is going. Consumers must know the true pricing structure to understand the company’s services better. Let’s first know what the PTA tax is for smartphone manufacturers.

What is the PTA Tax for Smartphones?

PTA offers technical assistance via DIRBS, and this platform enables users to register their mobile devices for use in Pakistan. The collection of taxes and duties applied by the Federal Board of Revenue is included in this process.

We see continuous increases in taxes daily. All the devices using SIM cards must clear the duties and taxes on the custom values based on mobile brands and models. According to PTA regulations, only those people will be allowed to use a local SIM card which pays customs duties. That’s why a calculator is provided to calculate tax 2023.

PTA Tax Calculator for Pakistan

As everyone knows, the PTA calculator is a convenient tool for Pakistani and overseas taxpayers. It helps to calculate taxes on your income from any source of income, such as investments, salaried jobs, and business activities.

It calculates various aspects like deductions, exemptions, credits available to you, and other factors like marital status and age. With the help of this tool, you can easily plan and manage the taxes without any hassle.

Here is a list of PTA tax calculator 2023:

First, let’s know about the regulatory duty, sales tax, and withholding tax in Pakistan by PTA.

Estimated Amount Regulatory Duty Sales Tax Withholding Tax
$1-$30 180 150 70
$30-$100 1800 Xx (fill in correct value) Xx (fill in correct value)
$100-$200 2700 1870 930
$200-$350 3600 1930 970
$350-$500 10500 6000 3000
$500+ 18500 10300 5200

Besides these, IT Duty is calculated as 9% of the mobile phone price.

Mobile Levy

  • PKR: 10,000-40000 = 1000
  • PKR: 40,000-80,000= 3000

Provincial Tax: the provincial Tax is 9 % of the total Tax.

The PTA Tax List is a comprehensive of taxes by the Pakistan telecommunication authority in which income tax, value-added Tax, capital gains, and estate tax are included. It is a useful resource to plan their finances according to the financial goals of every businessman, entrepreneur, and individual.

Taxpayers also stay up to date by using this calculator. Moreover, they can navigate the complexities of taxation and ensure they are not missing out on any opportunities or benefits.

PTA Tax Calculator for CNIC Holder

PTA has set the tax calculator specifically for CNIC holders as it provides detailed information on the applicable taxes that customers must pay to purchase any smart gadget, especially mobile phones. Here is a detail of tax information on different price range devices.

Mobile Phone price in dollars  PTA Tax in PKR
$1-$30 550
$30-$100 4323
$100-$200 11561
$200-$350 14661 + 17 % sales tax Ad Valorem
$350-$500 23420 + 17 % sales tax Ad Valorem
$500 and above 37007 + 17 % sales tax Ad Valorem

It is important to consider the taxes applicable on mobile phone purchases, as they heavily affect the total cost of the device. The PTA Mobile Tax Calculator for CNIC holders makes it easier for customers to understand and pay the taxes that apply to their purchases. Therefore, customers should make sure to utilize the calculator before making their purchase. The taxes affect the device’s total cost; therefore, the PTA Tax Calculator 2023 for mobile phones on CNIC makes it easier to pay and calculate the tax. 

PTA Tax Calculator for Passport

Here is the detail of The PTA Tax calculator for mobile phones for passports. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps you to calculate easily.

Mobile Phone price in dollars  PTA Tax in PKR
$1-$30 430
$30-$100 3200
$100-$200 25,000
$200-$350 12200 + 17 % sales tax Ad Valorem
$350-$500 17800 + 17 % sales tax Ad Valorem
$500 and above 36870 + 17 % sales tax Ad Valorem

 Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the PTA tax calculator will help you know Pakistan’s mobile phone taxes. Everyone is surprised and not aware of the basic information of the tax. All the tax is based on your handset and the monthly usage charges. We can estimate and calculate your tax amount with the above information.

Note: The tax rates may change from time to time. You are also advised to cross check on PTA official website as well.

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